Why bleapp?



Are you tired of having to carry around too many papers and documents to your open houses?

Do you feel that not all your potential home buyers are getting all the information you want them to have?

bleapp is the answer.

Simply load the text, images or documents you want your potential buyers to have in your listing on the bleapp app. When home buyers enter your home tour and they use the free bleapp app they get instant information whenever they are near a potential selling point that you highlight as important. 

If you want home buyers to know the kitchen has been recently updated and comes with
brand new stainless steel appliances, place a bleapp in the kitchen and fill out the information. Any home buyer that walks into the kitchen will immediately get a pop up on their phone that will show them the information and images. 

Home buyers take the interactive home tour and information will automatically display on their phone. It will be like you’re giving everyone in the house their own personalized tour.
Home buyers can take their own notes and pictures within the app. Each user will leave with their own personal home tour experience. All the information will be taken home with them so they can review the data you provided and their own notes on the home.