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bleapp social mediaEveryone today is glued to their phones. People are constantly updating their Facebook status, adding a photo to Instagram or sending out a tweet. Millennials are the new generation of home buyer so a strong social media presence has never been more important. A Facebook post or tweet with your listing and information is invaluable. Having posts shared is a great way get free advertising for your bleapp enabled listings.

Along with the added benefits of bleapp, every home that is added to the bleapp database can be shared across our social media platform for free. From Facebook to Twitter we have you covered. Simply add your listing in the bleapp app and let us share it. We can post your open house dates & times or your contact information. You may have your own presence; why not let us promote your listing and your brand using bleapp?

You control your content. Have specific photos/videos/content you want us to post/tweet for you. Just send us your highlights and we will be happy to share your content. This free extra exposure will certainly help with selling your listings.







bleapp social media



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