How bleapp works

What is bleapp?


What is bleapp Home and how does it help me sell my listing?

Unlike virtual home tours, bleapp Home pertains to the actual home visit by the home buyer. While the virtual tour may entice the buyer to visit the home, the bleapp Home app enriches the user experience during the home visit. Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (bleapps), highlighting the most salient features of the home, are strategically located in the property. As the home buyer approaches a bleapp pertinent information about the featured area is displayed on their phone. The home buyer may add their own highlights, photos, videos and notes about the property. Their personal observations and highlights are stored on their phone for future reference, comparison, sharing and action. With bleapp, you're always there to guide the home buyer through the home.


Setting up bleapp

Setting up bleapp quick and easy. Once you have registered yourself as an agent with bleapp you simply log in and enter your listing information. Once that is done simply place your bleapps in their corresponding rooms and use the bleapp app to add the images and information you want to convey. For unique highlights you may also purchase wildcard bleapps


The tour

Living Room bleappWhen people begin the tour all they will need to do is download the bleapp app (If they do not already have it). While they are touring the home strategically placed bleapps will pop up on their phones and give them pertinent information about the room/feature that they are near. The user can then add their own notes, videos, photos and other observations. The information you provided as well as their own notes will all be saved to their phones. Everyone who walks through your open house with bleapp will leave with all of the information you deemed important and be able to review it when comparing homes.






bleapp Home Analytics

Key analytics regarding bleapps viewing popularity at a property are captured on the bleapp Home database. Analyzing these metrics enables you to assess and improve the effectiveness of your bleapp Home marketing efforts, and ultimately, increase your home closing percentage.

This analytical process will enable you to determine:

  • What’s working and what’s not?
  • Where people spend their time during their home tour?
  • What questions did they ask?
  • Which bleapps were visited and how often?


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