How bleapp Home works


Unlike virtual home tours, bleapp Home pertains to the actual home visit by the home buyer. While the virtual tour may entice the buyer to visit the home, the bleapp Home app enriches the user experience during the home visit. Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (bleapps), highlighting the most salient features of the home, are strategically located in the property. As the home buyer approaches a bleapp pertinent information about the featured area is displayed on their phone. The home buyer may add their own highlights, photos, videos and notes about the property. Their personal observations and highlights are stored on their phone for future reference, comparison, sharing and action. With bleapp, you're always there to guide the home buyer through the home.


Setting up your bleapps:

While setting up your open house simply place your bleapps in their corresponding rooms. Using the bleapp Home app simply turn the bleapp on and it will show up in your app. Click on it, and add whatever photos/information you want your potential home buyers to know. When they walk by or into that room using the app, all of the information you provided will pop up and be saved to their phone. It is like your giving everyone a personalized home tour.



Taking the tour:

Simply place the bleapp Home informational display frame you received in your bleapp Home kit at a prominent entrance point of the home. This will prompt all your potential home buyers to download the free bleapp Home app. As they walk through the house the bleapps will be triggered on their phone with the information you have loaded onto each room's bleapp. It is as if you are giving every potential buyer who walks into your listed home their own personal home tour.

bleapp Home also allows the user to take their own pictures and notes on a property. This will allow their notes to correlate with your provided information. They can record their thoughts, their feelings, any questions they may have, which will be organized with each specific property to enable the buyer to keep them organized, sorted and referenced properly.


bleapp Home analytics

Key analytics regarding bleapps viewing popularity at a property are captured on the bleapp Home database. Analyzing these metrics enables you to assess and improve the effectiveness of your bleapp Home marketing efforts, and ultimately, increase your home closing percentage.

This analytical process will enable you to determine:

What’s working and what’s not?
Where people spend their time during their home tour?
What questions did they ask?
Which bleapps were visited and how often?