Frequently Asked Questions

bleapp Home Buyer:


Q: Can I take my own photos, videos and notes on a property?

A: Yes, bleapp enables you to take your own highlights (notes, videos and pictures) on a property. bleapp organizes your highlights and makes them available on your phone for viewing at your discretion.


Q: How much does the bleapp Home app cost?

A: The app is free and is available on the iTunes and Android stores.




Q: Can I reuse bleapps at another house when my current listing has sold?

A: Yes, your bleapps can be used in as many homes as you wish. as long as your subscription is in effect 


Q: Can I buy additional bleapps to use on unique areas and items of my house tour?

A: Yes, once you have purchased your bleapp Home kit, you may purchase a bleapp Wildcard kit. The kit contains 6 Wildcard bleapps that may be used for anything you deem important on your open house tour.


Q: Can other agents take my bleapp tour?

A: Yes the agent would just need to download and sign up with the app.


Q: Can another agent use my bleapps?

A: No, bleapps are assigned on an agent level when purchased.


Q: What does a bleapp Home subscription cost?

A:  For bleapp Home subscription levels and pricing, please click here.


Q: If my realtor company wishes to purchase several kits for our agents to use is this possible?

A: Yes, a plan can be designed to meet your needs. Please contact a bleapp representative for details.