As a realtor, how valuable would it be to personally guide every potential home buyer through each of your listings? Talking them through the specifics and making sure they don’t miss a single feature or important facet of the home. Of course with your busy schedule and the amount of visitors at an open house this has been an unattainable goal. With the brand new audio feature in the bleapp Home app this is not only possible, but effortless.


How easy is bleapp Home audio to use? Simply make an audio recording for each individual bleapp that you are placing in your listing, and upload it. You may make your bleapp Home audio recording from the comfort of your home or office. A bleapp Home representative will also put all of your media for your listing into the bleapp Home app for you.


When a potential home buyer takes your bleapp Home tour they will be escorted through the home with you guiding them through all of the important features of your home. The audio tour, along with the photos and other information, will also still be available to them when they review the tour at their own leisure. Potential home buyers are able to reference every aspect of the bleapp Home tour from anywhere using the bleapp home app.

The audio function combined with the existing bleapp Home tour gives you the ability to be in several places at once during a busy open house. This powerful tool will easily help you get all of the pertinent information to every potential home buyer.