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bleapp Home for Realtors®

What if you had a product that could help sell your properties? What if that product was unique, simple yet sophisticated and easy to use? What if it could turn actual home visits into an interactive event to engage your prospects in the home buying process even when you are not there? Well then you would have bleapp Home, your tireless home sales assistant.

How does bleapp work? Simply purchase a subscription (6, 9 or 12 month) for a bleapp Home kit and download the free bleapp Home app. The bleapp Home kit contains 6 color-coordinated bleapps (Bluetooth Low Energy beacons) for specific rooms and areas in the home. Five bleapps are pre-assigned (Home, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, and Bathroom) and one Wildcard bleapp that may be assigned as you wish. The Home bleapp is located at the entrance to the home and contains general information about the home and is where the home buyer may download the free bleapp Home app. If additional bleapps are needed for a home, you may purchase a subscription (6, 9 or 12 month) for a bleapp Wildcard kit. The kit contains 6 Wildcard bleapps for flexible placement and assignment within the property.

The bleapp Home kit is required to use bleapp while the bleapp Wildcard kit is optional. There are 3 levels of subscriptions:

  • Silver - 6 month subscription
  • Gold – 9 month subscription
  • Platinum - 12 month subscription

bleapp Home and Wildcard kits are reusable and may be renewed for additional 6, 9 and 12 month subscriptions. Renewal subscriptions are at a reduced rate since there are no additional bleapps to purchase – simply reassign your bleapps to a new home. bleapp Home is your renewable, flexible, cost-effective and diligent sales assistant.

For a more in depth look at the subscription levels and pricing, please click here.


bleapp Home for Home Buyers 

You have searched the web. Zillow, Trulia, Redfin. You found a few homes of interest; you “liked” them. You did your homework. But until you actually visit the home you don’t know how it feels, its scent, its essence, its charisma, up close and personal.

Welcome to bleapp Home, your personal home tour companion. You took the “virtual” tour and now it’s time to actually visit the home – live and unfiltered. Record your experience: take notes; add photos & videos; share your ideas and decide your next move. bleapp Home. Download it. Use it. Feel it. Share it. Make it yours.

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